Line of Light

Site News and Revision History

10 Aug 2017
Fixed 1 typo in S&H-1910 and 11 in CSCI.

13 Feb 2016
Fixed a few typos in CSCI.

30 Jan 2016
(1) All page:line references are now links, so you can right-click and save a URL to a specific reference. (2) Made more text corrections in S&H-1875.

24 Jan 2016
(1) The entire site now displays better on phones and tablets. (2) For both S&H, on phones, page/line references are hidden and the "flowing lines" and "inline headings" options are forced on. (3) Made many text corrections in S&H-1875.

18 Jan 2016
(1) For both S&H, fixed a dehyphenation problem. (2) In S&H-1875, there are 13 "standpoint" and 16 "stand-point". I did not change them.

27 Mar 2014
(1) Made some improvements to the help page. (2) Moved "news" from the home page to its own page. (3) Fixed some minor navigation bugs. (4) BTW, here's an interesting query.

7 Nov 2013
In Corey's CSCI, added more of the preface.

17 Oct 2013
In Corey's CSCI, added links for the references to S&H-1875.

14 Oct 2013
(1) Added support for keyboard shortcuts, see the help page for details. (2) Fixed several minor navigation problems. (3) For S&H-1910 at 348:31, changed "all" to "an". (4) Removed "Contents" from Previous/Next link bar and added it to the Chapters drop-down list. (5) Moved Chapters and Glossary drop-down lists into their own section.

19 May 2012
Made some improvements to the help page.

20 Dec 2011
Now when viewing, only complete pages are displayed. The view form has changed so that instead of entering the "to" (or "last") page number, you now just specify the number of pages to display.

16 Dec 2011
(1) In S&H-1875, made all changes given in the Errata at the end of the book. (2) In the code: in search+flow mode, remove italics before dehyphenating; improved Unicode handling in general. (3) For both S&H, now using a hard-hyphen (‑) where appropriate but only when at the end of a line. The hard-hyphen is replaced with a regular hyphen (hyphen-minus) during conversion to HTML. (4) For both S&H: abstracted common PHP code into a base class; abstracted common Javascript and CSS into shared files. (5) In Corey's CSCI, put all external references in spans and made font smaller.

11 Dec 2011
I now have the first edition of S&H available. It still needs some work, but I was anxious to release it. My source was a photo-copy of the book. Thanks very much to the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, for preserving and digitizing the book. It presents a challenge to the view/search engine since the engine is paragraph-oriented and this book has some very long paragraphs – but I'll be working on it. This, as well as my work on S&H-1910, has truly been a labor of love. I hope you enjoy it.

07 Dec 2011
Added some Javascript to the Corey book to turn S&H references into links. It will open in a new window (or "tab") and subsequent clicks will open in the same new window (or "tab").

05 Dec 2011
(1) Corrected "wrap" of quotes (and some punctuation) at beginning of all chapters. (2) Remove italics before running query (so a search term like "mortal mind" will match "mortal mind"). (3) More improvements and abstractions in the code.

04 Dec 2011
(1) Many general improvements and much testing. (2) Improved URL parameter usage. (3) Added options for "flowing lines" and "inline headings", which apply to both viewing and searching. (4) In "flow" mode, hyphenated words at the end of lines are recombined. (5) The chapter intro area (quotes at the beginning of a chapter) is also "flowed". (6) The search engine now searches the chapter intro area.

01 Dec 2011
Implemented an expression parser for the S&H search engine.

23 Nov 2011
(1) Using dash (–) instead of hyphen (-) where appropriate. (2) Added some missing dashes. (3) Section heading at 131:12 was missing and lines 13 and 14 were incorrectly numbered. (4) Section heading at 142:25 was missing and line 26 was incorrectly numbered. (5) Marginal heading at 204:3 was an extra line 3 instead of MH. (6) Provided S&H ebooks for download. (7) Made Arthur Corey's book available again and made some corrections to the text. (8) Made the S&H search engine available again.

4 Oct 2010
(1) I manually wrapped and added page:line references for every line in the Fruitage chapter. (2) The search-engine is disabled until I can find time to fix it. (3) When copy-n-pasting, page:line references now properly precede their associated lines.

3 Apr 2009
The search-engine is now available but currently has some severe limitations.

27 Mar 2009
I'm re-working this, and upgrading to PHP5's SimpleXMLElement. The viewer is now available (very "beta") but the search-engine is currently disabled – I'm working on it.

4 Apr 2006
I just fixed a nasty bug in the search engine! Search results should be correct now (but lines before line 1 are still not searched). Support for roman numeral page numbers (in preface) is now complete.

16 Dec 2005
Pages i through vi (all pages prior to the Preface) are now included on the SaH home page. This presentation now has all the text from the 1910 edition of the Textbook.

13 Dec 2005
I now have all quotes in a smaller font (tho not indented) as in the print versions. I also fixed a bug in page-mode where a certain range spanned chapters.

5 Dec 2005
I now have the marginal headings in the margins, just like the print versions. I also made a few little fixes in other areas.

25 Nov 2005
Both the view and search engines are now functional altho both still need much testing. I'm tweaking everything now ;-)

17 Nov 2005
Initial release. I started with the text from Project Gutenberg and converted it to XML so I could manipulate it server-side with PHP. I found and corrected several typos. For comparison and verification I used several different S&H sources: (1) a 1910 edition published in 1911 (printed before any changes were made to Fruitage); (2) a 1910 edition published by The Mary Baker Eddy Foundation; (3) a current printing of S&H; (4) I also used the S&H-Online at