Science and Health
with Key to The Scriptures
by Mary Baker Eddy
Chapter XVIII - Fruitage


I certainly should have been deep in the slough of despond,
if not in the grave. Am I truly thankful for all the good
that has come to me and mine? I try to let my works
testify of that; but to those whom I do not meet in person,
I can truly say, Yes; I am indeed more thankful than
words can express for the glorious healing that has come
to me, both physical, mental, and moral, and I also con-
vey herein, my song of gratitude to the dear Leader who
has through her fidelity to Truth enabled me to touch
at least the hem of Christ's garment. – B. S. J., Sioux
City, Iowa.
It was about fifteen years ago that Christian Science
first came to my notice. At that time I had been a chronic
invalid for a good many years. I had acute bowel
trouble, bronchitis, and a number of other troubles. One
physician had told me that my lungs were like wet paper,
ready to tear at any time, and I was filled with fear, as
my mother, two brothers, and a sister had been vic-
tims of consumption. I tried many physicians and
every material remedy that promised help, but no help
came until I found a copy of Mrs. Eddy's book, Sci-
ence and Health. The book was placed in my hands
by one who did not then appreciate it, and I was told
that it would be hard for me to understand it. I com-
menced reading it with this thought, but I caught beau-
tiful glimpses of Truth, which took away my fear and
healed me of all those diseases, and they have never
I would also like to tell how I was healed of a sprained
ankle. The accident occurred in the morning, and all
that day and during the night I gave myself Christian
Science treatment, as best I could. The next morning
it seemed to be no better, being very sore, badly swollen,
and much discolored. Feeling that I had done all I could,
I decided to stop thinking about it. I took my copy of
Science and Health and began reading. Very soon I
became so absorbed in the book that I forgot all about
my ankle; it went entirely out of my thought, for I had
a glimpse of all God's creation as spiritual, and for the
time being lost sight of my material selfhood. After two
hours I laid the book down and walked into another room.
When next I thought of my ankle, I found it was not hurt-
ing me. The swelling had gone down, the black and blue
appearance had nearly vanished, and it was perfectly well.
It was healed while I was "absent from the body" and
"present with the Lord." This experience was worth
a great deal to me, for it showed me how the healing is
done. – C. H., Portland, Ore.
My gratitude for Christian Science is boundless. I
was afflicted with a fibroid tumor which weighed not
less than fifty pounds, attended by a continuous hem-
orrhage for eleven years. The tumor was a growth of
eighteen years.
I lived in Fort Worth, Tex., and I had never heard
of Christian Science before leaving there for Chicago
in the year 1887. I had tried to live near to God, and
I feel sure He guided me in all my steps to this heal-
ing and saving truth. After being there several weeks
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