Science and Health
with Key to The Scriptures
by Mary Baker Eddy
Chapter XVII - Glossary


finiteness, and mortality; "dust to dust;" red sand-
stone; nothingness; the first god of mythology; not
God's man, who represents the one God and is His own
image and likeness; the opposite of Spirit and His crea-
tions; that which is not the image and likeness of good,
but a material belief, opposed to the one Mind, or Spirit;
a so-called finite mind, producing other minds, thus mak-
ing "gods many and lords many" (I Corinthians viii. 5);
a product of nothing as the mimicry of something; an
unreality as opposed to the great reality of spiritual ex-
istence and creation; a so-called man, whose origin,
substance, and mind are found to be the antipode of
God, or Spirit; an inverted image of Spirit; the image
and likeness of what God has not created, namely, mat-
ter, sin, sickness, and death; the opposer of Truth,
termed error; Life's counterfeit, which ultimates in
death; the opposite of Love, called hate; the usurper
of Spirit's creation, called self-creative matter; immor-
tality's opposite, mortality; that of which wisdom saith,
"Thou shalt surely die."
The name Adam represents the false supposition that
Life is not eternal, but has beginning and end; that the
infinite enters the finite, that intelligence passes into non‑
intelligence, and that Soul dwells in material sense; that
immortal Mind results in matter, and matter in mortal
mind; that the one God and creator entered what He cre-
ated, and then disappeared in the atheism of matter.
ADVERSARY. An adversary is one who opposes, denies,
disputes, not one who constructs and sustains reality and
Truth. Jesus said of the devil, "He was a murderer from
the beginning, . . . he is a liar and the father of it."
This view of Satan is confirmed by the name often con-
ferred upon him in Scripture, the "adversary."
ALMIGHTY. All-power; infinity; omnipotence.
ANGELS. God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual
intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness,
purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality,
and mortality.
ARK. Safety; the idea, or reflection, of Truth, proved
to be as immortal as its Principle; the understanding of
Spirit, destroying belief in matter.
God and man coexistent and eternal; Science show-
ing that the spiritual realities of all things are created
by Him and exist forever. The ark indicates temptation
overcome and followed by exaltation.
ASHER (Jacob's son). Hope and faith; spiritual com-
pensation; the ills of the flesh rebuked.
BABEL. Self-destroying error; a kingdom divided
against itself, which cannot stand; material knowledge.
The higher false knowledge builds on the basis of evi-
dence obtained from the five corporeal senses, the more
confusion ensues, and the more certain is the downfall
of its structure.
BAPTISM. Purification by Spirit; submergence in
We are "willing rather to be absent from the body,
and to be present with the Lord." (II Corinthians v. 8.)
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