Science and Health
with Key to The Scriptures
by Mary Baker Eddy
Chapter XV - Genesis


Spiritual overture
A second necessity for beginning with Genesis is that
the living and real prelude of the older Scriptures is so
brief that it would almost seem, from the
preponderance of unreality in the entire nar-
rative, as if reality did not predominate over unreality,
the light over the dark, the straight line of Spirit over
the mortal deviations and inverted images of the creator
and His creation.
Deflection of being
Spiritually followed, the book of Genesis is the history
of the untrue image of God, named a sinful mortal. This
deflection of being, rightly viewed, serves to
suggest the proper reflection of God and the
spiritual actuality of man, as given in the first chapter
of Genesis. Even thus the crude forms of human thought
take on higher symbols and significations, when scien-
tifically Christian views of the universe appear, illuminat-
ing time with the glory of eternity.
In the following exegesis, each text is followed by its
spiritual interpretation according to the teachings of Chris-
tian Science.
Genesis i. 1. In the beginning God created the heaven
and the earth.
Ideas and identities
The infinite has no beginning. This word beginning
is employed to signify the only, – that is, the eternal ver-
ity and unity of God and man, including
the universe. The creative Principle – Life,
Truth, and Love – is God. The universe reflects God.
There is but one creator and one creation. This crea-
tion consists of the unfolding of spiritual ideas and their
identities, which are embraced in the infinite Mind and
forever reflected. These ideas range from the infini-
tesimal to infinity, and the highest ideas are the sons
and daughters of God.
Genesis i. 2. And the earth was without form, and void;
and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the
spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
Spiritual harmony
The divine Principle and idea constitute spiritual har-
mony, – heaven and eternity. In the universe of Truth,
matter is unknown. No supposition of error
enters there. Divine Science, the Word of
God, saith to the darkness upon the face of error, "God
is All-in-all," and the light of ever-present Love illumines
the universe. Hence the eternal wonder, – that infinite
space is peopled with God's ideas, reflecting Him in
countless spiritual forms.
Genesis i. 3. And God said, Let there be light: and
there was light.
Mind's idea faultless
Immortal and divine Mind presents the idea of God:
first, in light; second, in reflection; third, in spiritual and
immortal forms of beauty and goodness. But
this Mind creates no element nor symbol of
discord and decay. God creates neither erring thought,
mortal life, mutable truth, nor variable love.
Genesis i. 4. And God saw the light, that it was good:
and God divided the light from the darkness.
God, Spirit, dwelling in infinite light and harmony
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