Science and Health
with Key to The Scriptures
by Mary Baker Eddy
Chapter VI - Science, Theology, Medicine


God's allness learned
presence, omniscience, – Spirit possessing all power,
filling all space, constituting all Science, – contradict
forever the belief that matter can be actual.
These eternal verities reveal primeval exist-
ence as the radiant reality of God's creation,
in which all that He has made is pronounced by His wis-
dom good.
Thus it was that I beheld, as never before, the awful
unreality called evil. The equipollence of God brought
to light another glorious proposition, – man's perfecti-
bility and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on
Scriptural foundations
In following these leadings of scientific revelation,
the Bible was my only textbook. The Scriptures were
illumined; reason and revelation were recon-
ciled, and afterwards the truth of Christian
Science was demonstrated. No human pen nor tongue
taught me the Science contained in this book, SCIENCE
AND HEALTH; and neither tongue nor pen can over-
throw it. This book may be distorted by shallow criti-
cism or by careless or malicious students, and its ideas
may be temporarily abused and misrepresented; but the
Science and truth therein will forever remain to be dis-
cerned and demonstrated.
The demonstration lost and found
Jesus demonstrated the power of Christian Science to
heal mortal minds and bodies. But this power was lost
sight of, and must again be spiritually dis-
cerned, taught, and demonstrated according
to Christ's command, with "signs following."
Its Science must be apprehended by as many as believe
on Christ and spiritually understand Truth.
Mystical antagonists
No analogy exists between the vague hypotheses of
agnosticism, pantheism, theosophy, spiritualism, or
millenarianism and the demonstrable truths of Chris-
tian Science; and I find the will, or sensuous
reason of the human mind, to be opposed to
the divine Mind as expressed through divine Science.
Optical illustration of Science
Christian Science is natural, but not physical. The
Science of God and man is no more supernatural than
is the science of numbers, though departing
from the realm of the physical, as the Science
of God, Spirit, must, some may deny its right to
the name of Science. The Principle of divine metaphysics
is God; the practice of divine metaphysics is the utiliza-
tion of the power of Truth over error; its rules demon-
strate its Science. Divine metaphysics reverses perverted
and physical hypotheses as to Deity, even as the ex-
planation of optics rejects the incidental or inverted
image and shows what this inverted image is meant to
Pertinent proposal
A prize of one hundred pounds, offered in Oxford Uni-
versity, England, for the best essay on Natural Science,
– an essay calculated to offset the tendency of
the age to attribute physical effects to physical
causes rather than to a final spiritual cause, – is one of
many incidents which show that Christian Science meets
a yearning of the human race for spirituality.
Confirmatory tests
After a lengthy examination of my discovery and its
demonstration in healing the sick, this fact became evi-
dent to me, – that Mind governs the body,
not partially but wholly. I submitted my
metaphysical system of treating disease to the broad-
est practical tests. Since then this system has gradually
gained ground, and has proved itself, whenever scien-
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