Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter II - Imposition and Demonstration


science, and is illusion. What we term the mind of man
is belief, forming the visionary basis of matter, therefore
matter embraces not the reality of man. Belief is not
a manifestation of Intelligence, but of non-intelligence.
To distinguish between the mind of Soul and the so‑
called mind of body, we must remember one is idea, and
the other belief, alias the counterfeit and claimant of
mind, even as error claims Truth. Mind is immortal,
but belief is mortal, it being the so-called mind of mor-
tal body, whereas the mind of immortal Soul is idea,
even science revealing Truth. Mediumship overlooks
the impossibility for a sensual mind to become Spirit,
or to possess a spiritual body after what we term death,
while science reveals this more inconsistent than for
stygian darkness to emit a sun-beam. When we are
Spirit we shall have gained the high import of this
Scripture, "I and the Father are one," and shall find,
too, this oneness occasions no loss of identity, but that
"I" signifies Spirit and not matter, Principle and not
person, Soul and not body, even the Intelligence repre-
sented by all ideas, symbolizing harmony from the blade
of grass to a star. The question at present is, whether
this "I" is Principle or person, Soul or body, yea, God
or man? Principle is Soul, Intelligence, the "I am,"
but where do we place the "I"; is it Spirit in matter,
Soul in body, Life in the flower, or the outside Intelli-
gence and Life, that form these; is it man or the Soul
of man, outside of matter? The science of being re-
veals God not in matter, therefore this "I" not body,
nor in body, but Soul outside of matter, the infinite, and
not finite, yea, Spirit and not person, and through this
reckoning, man gains eternal identity.
A suffering, sinning, and dying condition such as
must ever remain while the belief of Soul in body and
Intelligence in man or matter remains, cannot be pref-
erable to the sinless joy and perfect harmony that a
recognition of Life, as Spirit, possessing all beauty and
good, without a single demand pleasure, or pain of body
confers; why so many called "spiritualists" are very
gross materialists is because they make personality Spirit
and the only conscious existence, and rejecting a per-
sonal God, make a God of persons, which is equally
fatal to the science of being; persons called "spirits,"
instead of Principle that is Spirit and Truth, are their
trust, while a belief in "spirits" belongs to the darker
ages, and is demonology. There is but one Spirit, viz.,
God, Truth; in other words, Wisdom, Life, and Love;
and nothing is real but what is good or the idea of
goodness; evil has neither identity nor individuality,
having no Principle.
Charles Sumner was a great man, because of his un-
swerving adherence to right; he had, more than others,
the true idea, and less than others, the beliefs of man.
His professions were few, his acts colossal, his might
was mind; not person but Principle, not man but God.
Science never caused a retrograde step in being, or a
return to positions outgrown, or that Truth has de-
stroyed. To admit the so-called dead and living com-
mune together, is to decide the unfitness of both for
their separate positions, and that a mistake occurs when
a man dies to sense or lives to Soul. Any supposed
midway between Life outside of matter, or in it, is a
myth. We should either see the so-called dead, mate-
rially, or they should be advanced beyond our sight.
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