Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter I - Natural Science


by material laws, God in the things He has made, sin,
sickness, and death blending with Truth and Life, and
the former having the mastery over the latter. There
is but one Spirit, even God, therefore no evil can be in
Spirit, there being nothing to make evil of. Jesus cast
out spirits, that is, beliefs in other Intelligences and
healed the sick with the Truth of being, – he admitted
no Intelligence in evil, hence his authority over it. If
Spirit sins it must die, for all error is mortal; Spirit is
God, and there is but one God; hence to talk of spirit's
is to believe in gods and demons. We reason wrong on
all points relating to God and man, Soul and body, when
we start from matter to draw conclusions of Spirit; this
renders it impossible for such conclusions to be correct.
Our present stand-point is body not Soul, personality
instead of Principle, hence our mistaken views and their
consequences in sin, sickness and death. We go into
ecstasies over a personal God with scarcely a spark of
Love in the heart, when God is Love; and with scarcely
a ray from Truth, when God is Truth; and without the
understanding of Life, when God is Life, and what is
the result? That we have no practical God to heal us;
and get out of sin and death only in belief, while they
still cling to mortal man; this is not science or the
Christianity that heals the sick and demonstrates the
harmony of Life. Evil and good never constituted man,
for man is the image of God, and all there is to him is
the good; evil is not the image and likeness of God,
or matter of Spirit; even reason would rescue man
from these errors of personal sense were it not silenced
by some fatal theory. Action produced by Intelligence
manifests harmony only, while action proceeding from
mortal minds discords until it is finally destroyed. The
heavenly bodies controlled by the mind of God, Soul,
contradict the supposed laws of sense, and are harmoni-
ous. The supposition of Life in matter leaves man at
the mercy of sin, sickness, and death, and then would
resurrect Spirit from dust! Beginning with dust and
returning to dust He who formed the universe! Science
undisturbed amid this jargon reveals Soul, the Life,
Intelligence and substance that constitutes Spirit, the
great forever not in matter nor man. Soul being inside
of man would reduce God to man, or make man God;
the belief of Soul in body supposes Spirit helpless, sin-
ning, sick and dying. Omnipotence is lost if God is in
man, for mortal man is an error through which Truth
cannot appear. The mighty arm is crippled when Spirit
is made subject to matter. Surely the "tree of knowl-
edge" produced a pigmy race of "gods."
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