Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter VIII - Healing the Sick


to be destroyed; dare you admit Spirit cannot govern
the body when error of any nature takes it in hand?
Destroy the belief of fever and the fear it occasions,
and blood will circulate again mildly, and the body be
at peace. Personal sense takes no cognizance of what
is going on in mind; it is blind to the cause of effects;
to comprehend our explanation of man you must per-
ceive its Principle in science, that demands under-
standing and demonstration; whereas personal sense
requires belief only.
The metaphysical physician looks for effects where
the physical doctor thinks he finds causes. The former
finds all causation mind, the latter looks for cause only
in matter; the former heals on the scientific basis of
being, whereby mind governs the body, the latter
through the belief that matter controls man. Meta-
physical pathology rests on psychology, or the science
of Soul; but the signification of psychology is per-
verted whenever construed mesmerism instead of sci-
ence. The metaphysical method of healing the sick
labors under this disadvantage, that mortal belief appre-
hends matter only, and not Spirit; and disparages the
metaphysical, and gives the physical precedence in all
things, throwing all the weight of belief in the scale of
personal sense, and on the side of matter. Meeting the
affirmative to disease with a negative, neutralizes the
positive belief and its effects on the body, making
discord become negative to harmony, and introducing
the science of being. A patient thoroughly booked in
physiology, materia medica, etc., is more difficult to
heal with science, than one having never bowed the
knee so methodically to matter.
In case of insanity you argue, mentally and verbally,
against the belief that brains are diseased, the same as
in other cases of physical disorders, for all physical in-
harmonies proceed from mental causes; insanity is but
another form of mental error. We could afford to
scorn a bold denial of personal sense if proof was want-
ing; but when it is not, and this reversed idea of man
restores harmony to mind and body, as nothing else can,
we must admit it science. Did not this Truth of being
silence personal sense and the so-called laws material,
man were lost, and discord, sin and death, immortal.
Insanity is a very interesting case to treat metaphysi-
cally, it being a clearer case, and affords better evi-
dence of the effects of mind on the body. The only
good effect you can produce on body or brain is the
result of mind instead of matter, through the Truth of
being that destroys error; but you cannot introduce
the science of being that restores health, through ma-
nipulation; as soon teach man mathematics by rubbing
his head. If the physician is scientific he is morally
and practically fit for healing, without manipulation or
medicine, and speaks as one having authority, possess-
ing the Truth that destroys error. Under some cir-
cumstances it is well to converse with the patient
audibly, explaining to him the science of his course;
but under others, it arrays him and his sect against you
and thus retards his recovery. Should a nurse or the
friends of the sick think lightly of metaphysical healing,
or despair of the patient's recovery, you should inform
them as much as they can comprehend, of its basis and
results, requesting them, for the sake of the sick, to
leave the patient out of their thoughts as much as pos-
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