Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter VIII - Healing the Sick


That pain or pleasure, Life or death, belongs to the
body, is but a belief. Immortal Soul is the producer
of all things, and never made out of itself, mortality, or
a suffering body. Speak to disease as one having
authority over it, having Soul, and not sense, on your
side, and you will master this belief; and immortality,
which is the Truth of man, will assert its claims over
mortality, and the sick recover. God, Spirit, is your
stronghold in this extremity, and you feel how vain a
thing is death pitted against the immortality of Soul
and body. Life is the law of Soul; and personal sense,
or matter, has no law. Holding on to the Truth of
being is your only hope whereby to destroy its error.
The science of being raises the dead; fear ye not,
therefore, death; you may raise up the dying if minds
around you are not strongly opposing this Truth, so
little understood to-day; and sometime over this wave
of the troubled sea, your God-being, that destroys all
error, sin and death, will walk fearlessly; showing how
real is Life, and how unreal, death. But there were
some people so bigoted or material they even hindered
the Master doing many mighty works because of their
When healing the sick make your mental plea, or
better, take your spiritual position that heals, silently
at first, until you begin to win the case, and Truth is
getting the better of error, then your patient is fit to
listen, and you can say to him, "Thou art whole," with-
out his scorn. Explain to him, audibly, sometimes, the
power mind has over the body, and give him a founda-
tion in the understanding to lean upon, that he may
brace himself against old opinions. The battle lies
wholly between minds, and not bodies, to break down
the beliefs of personal sense or pain in matter, and stop
its supposed utterances so that the voice of Soul, the
immortality of man, is heard. The belief of Life and
sensation in matter is the source of all suffering and
sin. The science of being reveals Life, conscious Soul
and not sense, Spirit and not matter, and this leaves
man safe in Soul, where there is no recognition of sick-
ness, sin, or death. To raise the dead, restore the sick,
or reform the sinner, we should understand science in
its first statement, namely, that nothing is real but God,
and His idea; aught beside is illusion, error and be-
lief, that disappear. Recognizing the nothingness of
sickness, sin, and death, is all that will ever bring out
the harmony of man, or enable him to conquer them.
With this scientific starting-point we shall master dis-
ease and temptation, or blush to be conquered by what
is unreal. Understanding discord unreal, and harmony
the only reality, emboldens us to fight the good fight.
Never admit error real as Truth, for if you do you
will have more difficulty to get right than you need
have. To turn a sinner from his error or belief, is more
difficult than to turn the sick from theirs; for the lat-
ter, weary of suffering from it, yearn to relinquish it,
and when the sinner reaches this point he is reformed.
If science destroys not sickness, sin, and death, they
are immortal. The only remedy for sin, sickness, or
death, is obedience to the law of Life, and if Christ,
Truth, be insufficient to cure sickness and destroy death,
man is mortal. If we learn in part, even, the science
of Life, it begins at once to destroy mental and phys-
ical discord.
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