Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter VII - Physiology


our strength to the use of a muscle, holds Life at the
mercy of organization, and makes matter the status of
Physiology is like fiction in which debauchery is
toned down to fascinate, and mankind are in danger of
catching its sentiment. The very opposite teachings
of physiology, are all that will open again the gates of
paradise that beliefs have closed, and reach the per-
sonification of Spirit, in which man is upright, pure,
and free, having no need to consult calendars or clouds
to learn the probabilities of Life, or brainology, to
know how much of a man he is. Mistaking his origin
and nature, we call man both matter and Spirit; the
latter sifted through the former, Soul put through per-
sonal sense, carried on a nerve, and subject to ejection
at the hands of matter; the intellectual, moral, and
spiritual, that exist as Soul outside the body, subject to
the body!
Unless civilization embraces heathenism, why should
man, in the nineteenth century, bow down to flesh-
brush, flannel, bath, diet, exercise, air, etc., when mat-
ter is not capable of doing for him what he can do for
himself? The idols of civilization are more fatal to
health and longevity than the idols of other forms of
heathen homage; they certainly call into action less faith
than Buddhism in Intelligence governing man. The
Esquimau restores health by incantations, as effectually
as the modus operandi of the schools.
Physiology is anti-Christian; it teaches us to have
other gods before "Me," the only Life of man. The
good it claims is positive evil, because it robs man of
his birth-right from God. Truth governs it not, and
the inharmonious condition that calls for physiology, is
the result of physiology, or our beliefs of matter.
Did the teachings of Jesus comprehend the economy
of man, less than those of Graham or Cutter? They
alone embrace the Principle of man's harmony; but our
theories do not. "He that believeth in me shall not
see death," contradicts, not only the systems of man,
but points to that which is self-sustaining and eternal.
The demands of God are wholly spiritual, and reach the
body only through Spirit that controls matter; there
are no physical laws; all are mental. The best inter-
preter of man's needs said, "Take no thought for the
body, what ye shall eat or what drink."
Putting on the full armor of physiology, obeying to
the letter, the so-called laws of health, statistics show,
has not diminished sickness, nor increased longevity;
diseases have multiplied and become more obstinate;
their chronic forms more frequent; the acute more fatal
and death more sudden, since man-made theories have
taken the place of primitive Christianity.
Explaining man a physical being evolved from mat-
ter, is a Pandora box opened on mankind, whereby hope
escapes, and despair alone remains. If matter laws
prevent disease, what causes it? not the laws of God,
surely, for Christ, Truth, heals the sick, and brings to
light immortality; but not through obedience to phys-
iology. Laws of matter are nothing more or less than
a belief of Intelligence and Life in matter, even the pro-
curing cause of disease, and God its cure. Not more
sympathy exists between physiology and Christianity,
than God and Belial. Failing to recover through ad-
herence to materia medica, physiology and hygiene, the
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