Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter VI - Marriage


pain nor sin. Systems of physic and systems of doc-
trines treat of the pleasures and pains of personal sense;
but Christ takes them all away, and the epoch ap-
proaches when to understand this Principle of being,
will form the basis of all harmony and progress. At
present we live ridiculously for fear of being thought
ridiculous; are slaves to fashion, appetite, and sense;
in the future we shall learn Soul is an architect that
makes men and women beautiful, noble, and not to be
blotted out. We ought to weary of the fleeting and
false, hence, of personal sense, and cherish nothing that
hinders our highest self-hood.
Frugality is essential to domestic prosperity, and so
is affection; but to silence the voice of conscience to
gain wealth, is trade without profit. The genius of
woman shrinks from controversy with a knave, or a
fool. A man respects the reputation of a woman, but
a mouse will gnaw in the dark a spotless garment.
Culture and refinement are not things of the toilet,
but reflections of head and heart. Innocence is a gem,
worn unconscious of pick-pockets. Husbands that
dissipate care in the club, are poor stocks in ready mar-
kets. A husband is the best friend, or worst enemy
of his wife. "Favor is deceitful, and beauty vain, but
a woman of Wisdom, should be praised." A bad
woman is a loathsome leprosy, dangerous to all that
approach her. In marriage, avoid disparity in ages,
tastes, or education, and make choice only of those
qualities that wear well. Jealousy is the grave of
affection; mistrust where confidence is due touches
with mildew the flowers of Eden, and scatters to the
four winds the leaves of love. A bridal altar is the
verge of a new existence; wherein the old is fading
out of the experience, to admit the new; two beings
mingling into one; be not in haste to take the vow,
"until death do us part," but consider well its obli-
gations, responsibilities, and relations to all your future
happiness; "judge before friendship, then confide till
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