Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter V - Prayer and Atonement


this lack of entire science in the advent of Jesus, pro-
duced its discord, and met its fate in death. Had his
origin and birth, however, been wholly apart from mor-
tal belief, Jesus would not have been recognized by
mortal man; and "he was the light that was to lighten
every man that cometh into the world;" therefore he
must be the mediator, or interpreter of Truth to error
that destroyed error and rebuked personal sense with
the Principle of being.
Jesus never ransomed man, by paying the debt sin
incurs; whosoever sins must suffer. This Christian
martyr suffered for the Truth, that destroyed error, and
while it blessed the whole world, was that for which it
hated him; even the sinner must learn Truth, by the
things he suffers. Love is no compromise with sin, and
pays no debt of its contracting; but it can and does
point out the way to escape from it and reach the har-
mony and science of being. The blood of that righteous
man shed by sinners, was a crime that affords no ground
for further sin or a belief of its pardon, it was an injus-
tice to humanity that the best man should be sacrificed
by the worst men. Jesus taught the way of escape
from sin, but that all that sinneth shall die, in other
words, that sin must be destroyed. Wisdom pun-
ishes, instead of pardons, sin. The terrible effect of
our false views regarding the atonement, is to make a
sinner less fearful to sin, believing a tear or a prayer
will secure its pardon; this heightens hypocrisy and
suffocates conscience. The time is not far distant when
our theological views of atonement will undergo as radi-
cal a change as those have already done regarding a
bottomless pit, burning with fire and brimstone, and the
election and fore-ordination of a portion to be saved
or be lost. But for these false views regarding the
forgiveness of sin, ministers and laymen would never
break the commandment, "Thou shalt not commit
adultery," and then talk of their love for God, and
Christian experience.
The sweet and spiritual significance of the death on
the cross, is Love laying down all of earth to instruct
its enemies the way to heaven, proving what heaven is,
and how obtained. We speak of the blood of Jesus
as efficacious to save sinners; it is the efficacy of the
Truth and Love that Jesus taught and demonstrated,
which alone can destroy sin; and sinners are never
saved. The blood of Christ was an offering of Spirit
and not matter, a pledge of undying Love. O! highest
conceptions of spiritual sense tell us, what is Love.
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