Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter IV - Creation


but this fact of science detracts nothing from God, the
universal Intelligence; and because this statement, un-
derstood, brings forth good fruits, heals the sick and
destroys error, we have the Master's rule for its cor-
rectness, insomuch as the tree is known by its fruit.
Life is the forming and governing Principle of all things,
and by no means the frailty that the foot of man crushes
out. Soul is the immortal basis of man and the uni-
verse, the Truth of all things, and the Principle that
holds the very winds in its fist.
Substance is Intelligence, yea, Spirit, not matter. "I
am the resurrection and Life," are the words of him
who spake as never man spake; and knew all about it.
But this understanding of Truth is to-day a voice cry-
ing in the wilderness of error. All is discord in mortal
man; the good he would do is held back, by sickness,
sin or death; if he works to benefit his race, he sinks
into a premature grave, with softened brain, or some-
thing of this sort. Mental labor should strengthen
man; mind is capable of endless action and immortal
harmony; but incessant action will destroy matter.
Searching into the science of being will never soften a
man's brain, or produce disease of any kind, but is
known to cure disease. And the only difficulty in
proving this, is the utter ignorance of its principle.
But taking an old belief by the throat is surely no small
task; somehow like the phoenix, it rises from its own
ashes. The influence one mind exerts involuntarily
over another is little understood; all our thoughts are
moulded more or less by others; the body is governed
by mind, notwithstanding our utter ignorance of this,
and involuntary submission to it. If to-day the general
thought embraced the science of being, man's longevity
would increase ten-fold, and immortality be brought to
light; the years of man will be extended as the belief
of intelligent matter is destroyed, until at length a full
recognition of Truth shall destroy all sin, sickness, and
death. Error will continue seven thousand years, from
the time of Adam, its origin. At the expiration of this
period Truth will be generally comprehended, and sci-
ence roll back the darkness that now hides the eternal
sunshine and lift the curtain on Paradise, where earth
produces at the command of Intelligence, and Soul, in-
stead of sense, govern man.
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