Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter IV
THE evermore of Truth is changing the universe;
thought is expanding beyond words; we are losing our
swaddling clothes, asking for more light; yea, reaching
forth to the stature of Soul outside the body. "Let
there be light," is the demand of Life and Love, chang-
ing chaos to order and discord to the music of the
spheres. Progress takes off all shackles, and the finite
yields to the Infinite. Advancing to a higher plane of
action, thought grows new, and rises from the personal
to the Impersonal; from the mortal to the Immortal,
which is from the material to the spiritual idea of God.
We have the authority of holy writ that God is Spirit,
therefore it is not personality that demands our ig-
norant worship, and holds sway over man and the
universe. There is but one God: yet there are many
persons, and to worship personality would be to have
"gods" many. That three persons are united in one body
suggests a heathen Deity more than Jehovah; integral
molecules are no portions of Wisdom and Love, "that
spake and it was done;" and whose "word was God."
Life, Truth, and Love, are the triune Principle of man
and of the universe; they are the great Jehovah, and
these three are one, and our Father, which art in heaven.
What is the person of God? He has no personality,
for this would imply Intelligence in matter; the body
of God is the idea given of him in the harmonious
universe, and the male and female formed by Him.
The reflection of an object is by no means the opposite
of that object, and we cannot fail to see material man
does not reflect Spirit, nor the finite, the Infinite;
therefore material and finite man is not the image and
reflex shadow of God. Intelligence is Substance, and
nothing can hold or embrace Intelligence, because it
embraces in itself all things. Soul is outside of matter,
and not a person but Principle; unlimited and infinite,
beyond all boundaries, it is not pent up in person or
man. Intelligence repels error and attracts Truth;
holds the universe in space; is diffusive, and extends
through all extent. There is but one Principle and its
idea, hence, the oneness of God and Soul, and the
brotherhood of man; this idea is named man, it has
infinite expressions, all of which are members of the
body of Christ, Truth, the Intelligence outside of matter.
Principle is expressed in one entirety or full idea.
Take the microscope of Spirit to discern animism, and
then only can you comprehend the generic term, man.
The compound idea named man, is unintelligent; it is a
lifeless image and reflection of Principle, or Soul, which
is the Life, Intelligence, and Substance of this idea. A
belief of matter separates man from God, and from his
fellow-man. The science of being gives harmony to
man. Loving God supremely is simply admitting Soul
above sense in all things, and loving our neighbor as
ourself, because, all have but one Soul, and should
recognize themselves Soul, and not personal sense.
Understanding ourself and neighbor one in Principle,
we shall hold no divided interests, and find it good to
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