Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter III - Spirit and Matter


to be glad to relinquish them. Leaning on error proves
it a broken reed that pierces to the heart; but do you
ask, why should we suffer for innocent enjoyments?
Because pain or pleasure of the body is not a reality, it
is a belief only; and this belief is error, opposed to the
Truth of being, and at some time we must learn this.
It is not through enjoyment, but suffering, we learn the
error of Life in matter, and outside of suffering it can
only be learned of science; which do you choose for a
A farm, a merchandise, a husband, wife, etc., may
hide this science from individual perception; therefore
said our Master, we must leave all for Truth, or we are
not worthy of it; and this leaving all means much, even
the relinquishing of the belief of personal sense, for the
understanding of the science of Life. 'Tis folly to
scoff at what is not understood, or to deny the claims
of science; rather should we test the Principle of its
statements by the rules laid down, and so sure as this
Principle is sufficiently understood, to apply its rules
to man, we shall bring out his harmonious being in
accordance with it. The loving discipline our Father
gives to teach us the science of being, in the nothing-
ness of material things, is the schoolmaster that leads
us to Christ, Truth. We know the desponding reply
personal sense makes to the demands of Soul; but we
also know, "Thou shalt surely die," is Soul's verdict
on sense; but error dies not at once either in time or
When the miser loses his gold he has little left, and
when the sensualist loses his five personal senses, what
he has left is Soul, not understood by him, and the
body is mortal until Life is understood, therefore, be
wise to-day; willful ignorance culminates in outer
darkness, and the future will reveal the great error of
leaving the work of time for eternity. The end and
aim of being is happiness; but this can only be attained
through righteousness; we cannot possess the love of
this world and be right, for it shuts out God, that is
Love; one will be master in the affections, and personal
sense tramples on the pearls of spiritual sense. Adhere
to the latter and you will be able to govern the former,
but yield to the former and the latter will leave man to
sickness, sin and death. If you have stripped sin of
its disguises, you have done well; but expect your good
to be evil spoken of, or if you have pointed out the
straight and narrow way of science, remember you will
be persecuted for righteousness sake. This is the cross,
take it up; it wins the crown, then wear it. Pilgrim
on earth, thy home is heaven; stranger here, thou art
the guest of God.
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