Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter III - Spirit and Matter


Our beliefs of a supreme Being commence, saying,
He hath almighty power and is a present help in times
of trouble, and end with a drug or a rainy day superior
to Him; the understanding of God changes this position,
giving omnipotence to Spirit, and no power to matter.
Intelligence in matter would negative the omnipotence
of Spirit. Mortal error is at war with immortal Truth,
and is the sick, sinning and dying belief named mortal
man that saith, death is the master of Life.
Error abounds where Truth would much more
abound, were God understood, and the scientific rela-
tionship of Soul and body as Principle and Idea, and
the impossible union of Spirit and matter fully appre-
hended. Jesus said, "I and the Father are one," that
is, I am Soul and not body, Spirit and not matter,
hence there is but one Intelligence or Soul because
there is but one God; recollect "I" signifies God, and
not man; Principle, and not person; Spirit, and not
matter; and this is the science of Soul and body that
enables us to heal the sick on the Principle or Truth
of man; viz., that "in God we live, move and have
being"; Spirit and not matter holds the issues of Life.
The accusation most denunciatory to Jesus, the great
demonstrator of the science of being, was this: "He
maketh himself as God "; but this, also was the point
that made him all he was more than other men. When
this fundamental Truth is understood, it will be found
to induce not only more exalted worship, but self-abne-
gation, a higher spiritual apprehension of the supreme
Being, and the ability to bring out all the possibilities
of being; it destroys also the belief in matter, and
finds man in God; the mistaken opinion that Soul is in
the body, or any portion of God in man would rob the
All-wise of some omnipotence and Wisdom. Theories
and beliefs either admit more than one God, or less than
a God; we must break the bars of personality and let
go the belief of God in matter, and get out of man into
God, to reach the science of Life and be rid of sickness,
sin, and death; so long as Life and Intelligence are sup-
posed to be in matter, man will be mortal. The belief
that is fatal to science, to man's harmony, and to God's
omnipotence supposes a portion of Jehovah is impris-
oned in a body of sensuality and death, to escape thence
when this body has gone to ruin in His keeping, mas-
tered Omnipotence, and destroyed itself, or when God
the Life of man has killed the body, to get out of it,
into the science and circumference of being.
The smallest portion of holiness was never inside of
sin, or mixed in any manner with it. The good we see,
and say it is in man, is outside of him; mortal man, or
mind in matter, is morally and scientifically impossible,
even to God. The belief that good and evil, God and
devil, Spirit and matter mingle in the least, or take the
same individuality, is the error called mortal man.
There are degrees of comparison, however, in error,
the lesser one is the less material man, hence the more
transparent to Truth, outside this error the good in
connection with mortal man, is outside of him, instead
of inside. The idea of God outside the belief of Life
in matter is immortal man; we catch glimpses of him
when the clouds of error are less dense, and at times
melt into such thinness we perceive the image and like-
ness of God in some word or deed that reveals some-
what of the true being, even the immortal man, sinless
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