Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter III
Spirit and Matter
IF happiness and Life are of the body, personal sense
is man, and man is matter, an intelligent body, but
sickness, sin and death do not constitute immortal man,
neither are these Spirit.
Nothing false or impure is for a moment embraced in
immortal Soul; these are mortal, the destructive ele-
ments of matter-mind. The best sermon ever preached
is Truth demonstrated on the body, whereby sickness
is healed and sin destroyed. Knowing that one will be
supreme in the affections, and take the lead of our ac-
tions, the Master said, "Ye cannot serve two masters,"
well knowing that which determines our place in
Christianity proves also whether man is the servant of
Soul, or sense, of God, or man. If Spirit governs man,
sin does not tempt him, the so-called laws of matter
make him sick, or limit his Life and usefulness. Straight
and narrow is the path of science, and few there be who
go in thereat.
The Truth of man makes a new creature; "old things
have passed away, and behold all things have become
new." When personal sense is exchanged for the sci-
ence of being, "all things become immortal and harmo-
nious;" every belief of matter as substance, Life, or
Intelligence, must be destroyed before man is found the
image and likeness of God; Christian perfection is won
on no other basis. In the scientific unity between Soul
and body, or God and man, Soul is not in body, but
man is embraced in Spirit, even as Principle contains
its idea and is controlled by it. Intelligence embraces
and governs the harmonious heavens and earth where
His "will is done."
Man controlled by Wisdom, Truth and Love has no
physical suffering, his body is harmonious; but the
belief of Soul in body and Spirit in matter is governed
alone by personal sense, by beliefs of sickness, sin and
death, doctrines, theories, etc., hence it is ever getting
wrong, and finally goes down, and this man is proved
mortal. The man of sense is instinct with lies, and is
the "old man to be put off" before God's idea the im-
mortal man is understood; as Paul has it, before the
"new man is put on." What the apostle called the
"new man," is what the science of being, so new to
the world of sense, will bring out when not strangled
by error and persecution.
Theories and doctrines that presuppose Soul in body,
and God in man, by grafting holiness into unholiness,
make sickness, sin and death Truth, or God error; giv-
ing the lie to science, and constituting a barren stereo-
typed belief, straining at gnats and swallowing camels.
Why man is not realized perfect, "even as his Father,"
his harmonious Principle "is perfect," is owing to
the belief an Intelligence other than God can direct
him away from Truth, Life and Love, when it is but
the error of personal sense that does this, and not an
intelligent evil; there is but one Intelligence, and this
is God.
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