Science and Health
by Mary Baker Glover
Chapter I - Natural Science


and only cause of all that really is; also, that the real
and unreal constitute what is, and what is not; that
the real is Spirit, which is immortality, and the un-
real matter, or mortality. The real is Truth, Life,
Love and Intelligence, all of which are Spirit, and Spirit
is God, and God, Soul, the Principle of the universe
and man. Spirit is the only immortal basis. Matter
is mortality; it has no Principle, but is change and de-
cay, embracing what we term sickness, sin, and death.
God is not the author of these, hence Spirit is not the
author of matter; discords are the unreal that make
up the opposite to harmony, or the real that emanates
Truth and not error. Spirit never requires matter to
aid it, or through which to act; no partnership or
fellowship exists between them; matter cannot co-ope-
rate with Spirit, the mortal and unreal with the real
and eternal, the mutable and imperfect with the immu-
table and perfect, the inharmonious and self-destroying
with the harmonious and undying. Spirit is Truth,
matter its opposite; viz., error; and these two forces
control man and the universe, and are the tares and
wheat that never mingle, but grow side by side until
the harvest, until matter is self-destroyed; for not until
then do we learn ourselves Spirit, and yield up the ghost
of error, that would make substance, Life and Intelli-
gence, matter. God and His idea are all that is real
primitively; all is mind, and mind produces mind only,
nature, reason and revelation decide, that like produces
like; matter does not produce mind, nor, vice versa.
We name matter, error, it being a false claim to Life
and Intelligence, that returns to dust ignored by Spirit,
that is supreme over all, and knows nothing of matter.
Natural history presents the mineral, vegetable and
animal kingdoms preserving their original species in
reproduction; a mineral is not produced by a vege-
table, and vice versa; throughout the entire round of
universal nature, this rule relating to genus and species
holds good; this therefore is science. But error claims
the very opposite, viz., that Spirit produces matter;
making Spirit, or God, the author of evil as well as
good, and harmony the author of discord, evil presenting
as much of God as good, which contradicts self-evident
Truth. In the science of being we learn all discord,
such as sickness, sin or death, is distinct from Spirit,
and not produced by God; also, that God is the Soul,
or Principle of man, the Truth, unerring and eternal;
again, that matter claiming mind, or making itself the
basis of mind, is error, and this error, the so-called in-
telligent body named man, with intelligent nerves,
brain, stomach, and so forth. The only reality of being
is the Truth of it, and that Life and Intelligence are in
matter, is not Truth but its opposite, error; therefore,
illusion. Mind and matter are opposites; that mind is
in matter, or that matter is the medium through which
mind is made manifest is not more real than that a tree
embraces a rock in the heart of it, and is the natural
medium through which the rock grows, and is identi-
fied. Nature and revelation afford no grounds for the
belief that Spirit, God, created, or is in a body of sick-
ness, sin, and death, and the only excuse for such a be-
lief is, that the falsity of this opinion of Life is not seen
until we begin to learn the science of Life, and enter
into our God-being, wherein we learn that Spirit and
matter no more commingle, than light and darkness,
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